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Advancement is taking almost every business on internet, for this all need a website (a digital Platform) to show up. While you are reading this, someone somewhere must have launched their website. This makes it kind of tough to stand out. So the question is how to rank your website in top 10 Google’s search result?

Answer is SEO, Search Engine Optimization. But what does SEO even mean? It is the process of affecting the visibility of website or a webpage in Google’s search result by optimizing your online content and getting reference and backlinks from other sites. Perfect SEO makes your website more users friendly, genuine and easy to navigate, so that a search engine likes to show it on top in search results for a certain keyword.

What goes into SEO?

Here at Tricky SEO, we target correct keywords while keeping pace with the quality of content. We put in both external and internal links pointing to the best resource. Beyond keywords and links there are several “keyword-agnostic” elements that can influence a page’s on-site optimization:
Page loading speed Use of structured data and other markup Url Structure of page Mobile friendliness Meta data of webpage HTML code We put effort on each factor to ensure friction less user experience while delivering the right information at the right time—and in a timely manner. Instead of targeting more traffic, we focus on quality and relevant traffic to increase your conversion rates making more customers and generating leads for you. Successful SEO can make your business a brand.