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Dreaming to bring customers quickly without much effort?.Then, PPC: Pay per Click is the best solution you should opt for. Tricky SEO can help you to purchase required advertisements on search engines and can create the ideal keywords that would allow the people doing the searches to see the ads and click on them.
Our PPC services include-
Search Advertising
Search advertising is the convenient method to bring more traffic to your site. All you need is to set up advertisement along with suitable keywords and how many clicks you want to pay for. Doing this successfully can get you more clicks, more visitors, more leads and hence more business. We help you to do this by using best strategies to create successful Search Advertising set up.

Display Advertising

Our display advertising services help you to put up your ad on top sites and best positions. We track the behaviour of your targeted audience and put up the ad where they can easily see it. This is an easy way to increase awareness about your brand and retargeting your audience.


Remarketing is a strategy to bring those clients back to the website, who have visited once and didn’t purchase anything.Here we use display advisements to retarget those audience by reminding them your company, business and product or services. This can significantly convert your view-shipsto sales.

Social Media Advertising

Social media is a powerful tool to bring traffic to your website. To reach the crowd it is the best platform to advertise your business. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube, etc. are platforms where we create ad and share posts about your brand to get clicks in less cost.
To get best PPC services in cost effective way, Tricky SEO is the best option for you.