The Ultimate Guide for an On-Page SEO in 2020

On-page is one of the Best Factor in SEO. In which the website is optimized from the on-site and Improve your traffic and ranking from on-page SEO factor. Which includes various activities on-site like, content, ALT tags, keyword, header tags, Internal links, ALT, Title Tags etc. On-page SEO factor has more value and Importance than off-page.

Why On Page Seo is Important For Ranking?

On-Page SEO is the most important for ranking . Because we need ranking & traffic for our website. So you can improve traffic and ranking from on-page seo for your website. We should pay attention to content for ranking. Because you are aware that content is king. There are various factor listed below. 

1.SEO-friendly URL(Uniform Resource Locator) structure 

2.Meta Tags





7.Alt Tag


9.Internal link buliding

10.Mobile responsive

11.Sitemap.xml and Html


13.Website speed

14.Canonical Tag and Canonical Rediect(301 or 302)


16.Keyword Density

17.Content Is King

18.Google Analytics 

19.Webmaster Tools